Scitec Nutrition - "Water Jug" Waterbottle

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"Water Jug" by Scitec Nutrition. Available in 1 and 2 L capacities as well as variable colors. Make sure you stay hydrated.

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Scitec Nutrition - "Water Jug" - Massive Capacity

Fill up a "Water Jug" by Scitec Nutrition and stay hydrated all day long

If you are training hard and especially if you do it in a very hot environment, it is absolutely crucial that you stay hydrated by taking in a lot of fluid. The "Water Jug" by Scitec Nutrition helps you do just that. It features a sturdy design that makes sure it is not going to break nor leak out any fluid and also has a secure, fastenable lid. It is not going to break unless you actually try to break it.

The "Water Jug" holds approximately 1 and 2 liters worth of liquid respectively and thus is perfect for mixing BCAA drinks, powdered fat burners etc. to sip on throughout the day. We advise that you do not use it for mixing proteins shakes, since this eventually will create a certain smell that can make it less appealing to drink water out of. 

To have a look at our full line of Scitec Nutrition products, click here. If you wish to visit the manufacturer's own website, click here.


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